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When I started working for Ella Fitzgerald, back in the 'nineties, I was absolutely amazed at how many books she had in her Beverly Hills home. Books stacked on the coffee table, books by the fireplace, books in the cabinets - and overflowing bookshelves. Ella loved to read.

So when I found out that the kids attending the Ella Fitzgerald Child Care Center (in the L.A. suburb of Lynnwood) didn't have any books in their homes, I was horrified. To fix that problem, we started our A BOOK JUST FOR ME! book give-away program.

Max already recognizes the importance of books.

Here's how it works:
We are able to provide books to one hundrednon-profit organizations per year - we are running at capacity at this time, but when we get openings, I'll post the news. So keep an eye on our website. Meanwhile, please encourage everyone you know to visit their Public Libraries - a truly vital resource and they are FREE! Not only do libraries provide a wide range of books, most of them have great Story Hours - so much fun for kids.

This young man is totally engrossed in Mick Carlon's book about Duke Ellington

And if you love books and kids as much as Ella did, you'll be interested in our "Spotlight on Books" which describes a great children's book - a new one each month. Just look below for this month's choice.

Featured Book for February 2017



A bilingual picture book by Monica Brown

illustrations by Rafael Lopez

Is English spoken in your house or in your classroom?

Good, you can learn about Tito Puente.

Do you speak Spanish?

Good, you can learn about Tito Puente.

Like music? Then you really NEED to learn about Tito Puente!

and you can, in this wonderful book for kids.

We hope that your local library has a copy, if they don't, please email
us and we'll look into donating one.

Miss Imani Pullum, daughter of our local music/education hero, Fernando Pullum, enjoys a book about music.

Do you have a memory you would like to share? Please email us, we'd love to hear from you.

A BOOK JUST FOR ME! in action at Gabriella Charter School

The kids at the Wisdom Academy for Young Scientists in South L.A. love to read!

Send us an email and let us know how you like this month’s book.

We are proud of our A BOOK JUST FOR ME! program - we estimate that we have placed new books into the hands and homes of about 400,000 children since we began the program. That's pretty good for a small Foundation.

Here is a brief sampling of the organizations who currently participate:

The Venice Family Clinic

(Greater Los Angeles area)

St. Joseph's Medical Center

(Syracuse, NY)

The Lennox School District

(near Los Angeles International Airport)

Hollywood Boys and Girls Club

(in the heart of Hollywood, CA)

University of Southern California Community Dental Clinics

The Assistance League North Coast

(San Diego, CA)

ChildSight-Helen Keller Worldwide

Book Depot

We are grateful to our dear friends up at in Canada our source for books. Thank you!

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